About Us

Welcome to Iron Lion Gym. At Iron Lion our mission is to forge you into the iron alpha beast of your domain. Our training is top tier and combines the most effective methods available, both conventional and unconventional, with a focus on development of high-quality movement skills. No gimmicks, no magic, no nonsense. Just old school, low-tech, sometimes medieval, highly effective, tried and true training modalities. We will optimize the way you move, perform, and function, both in and out of the gym. We will train you to move correctly in all situations, so that you can be better, stronger, and faster than you ever thought possible.

Whether you’re a beast looking to get more beastly, a momma lion looking to keep up with her cubs, or broken and injured from lioning incorrectly for many years, we will forge you into the beast you were born to be. You will win at life and you will look and feel the part.Our bodies can be very tough, resilient, and capable of some pretty amazing things.  Our primary focus is teaching you how to move, first and foremost, CORRECTLY. Moving correctly with clean technique protects your joints and makes movements safe. We start with the simple and basic movement skills and progress to more complex ones when you are ready for them. We also challenge your movements with progressively more weight, more volume, higher mobility and stability demands, and higher metabolic demands. As you progress in your abilities, technique, strength, and conditioning, your body changes as it adapts. We don’t “confuse” your muscles. We train them to do their job well and the form reflects the function.




Leo Vassershteyn is the owner and fearless leader of Iron Lion Gym. He hails from Odessa, Ukraine and his Soviet heritage is very apparent in his no-nonsense, old school training style. Leo is such a beast that he started his first gym 2 months after a shoulder surgery that was a result of an injury form a motorcycle crash. His shoulder bounced back stronger than ever, due to his Russian knowhow, passed down from his grandfather who was wounded 3 times fighting Nazi scum in WW2 (true story) and still continued to juggle flaming kettlebells. He will teach you to move and load your body safely in your workouts and build strength and conditioning that will help you in real life scenarios like: running from a bear, lifting a car off an injured human, dragging your prey up a tree, or carrying your designer handbag properly to your giant Range Rover. Many people have come to Leo broken and weak and he has made them into the strongest versions of themselves and he can do the same for you.



When forging beasts it’s important to understand and relate to the material that needs to be forged. Being a client of Leo’s for many years before becoming a trainer she went through the process herself. She went from being a soft, fluffy kitty cat barely able to lift a 20kg kettlebell to being a ferocious lioness that can squat your husband and look very feminine doing it. She went from not being able to run one lap around a track without coughing up a lung to running marathons and finishing in the top 5% at Tough Mudder. She does not require the help of a man for getting all the groceries bags in one trip. Jenn loves the capability and self-confidence she has developed as a result of her fitness. This is why she is passionate about helping other weaklings, cowering in the corner discover and build their strength, becoming all the beast they can be.



Adaptability is the key to the survival of any true beast and Jeff has that. He has worked with a highly diverse set of individuals and groups. From geriatric folks trying to defend their bodies from unruly grandchildren, to dog walkers who don’t want to have their shoulders dislocated trying to walk their disobedient animals, to soccer moms who want the booty of a 19-year-old that they can’t get from Pilates. He has learned no matter how different we may be from one another, we still have to get up from the toilet and put our pants or skirt on one leg at a time, unless you’re a ninja. It’s important to be able to maintain our abilities to do these and other activities of daily living throughout one’s lifespan. By being strong, fit, and supple you will be better adapted to contend with the jungle, mountain, tundra, desert, or whatever environment your life throws at you, both figuratively and literally.